We LOVE hot chocolate. Whenever we go to a cafe, while all our friends are ordering strange sounding coffee varieties, we’re ordering hot chocolate!

But we’ve noticed something. While it’s very easy to order a good old fashioned hot chocolate, it’s virtually impossible to find a flavoured hot chocolate. So we decided to do something about it.

Hot Choccy was created with the simple belief that everyone should have access to delicious, guilt-free and nourishing hot chocolate. Owned by Rochelle, a self-confessed chocolate addict, Hot Choccy is the only flavoured chocolate powder on the market that combines delectable, swoon-worthy and healthy ingredients with an earth and human-friendly approach.

What makes Hot Choccy so guilt-free?

• 100% raw, organic cacao powder
• Made in Melbourne with premium imported ingredients
• Sweetened with pure stevia extract
• Completely fairtrade
• Made with real Belgian chocolate

Compared to most chocolate powders on the market, Hot Choccy is low in sugar and light on your belly. Available in seven different gluten-free flavours – including milk, dark (which is dairy-free), caramel, orange, strawberry, mocha and white! – and offered in two pre-packaged sizes – 75g sachets and 150g jars – Hot Choccy can be consumed both hot and cold as a yummy, guilt-free beverage.

But while Hot Choccy may feel light, the taste is nothing short of decadent. Made locally with premium imported fairtrade ingredients and real Belgian chocolate, Hot Choccy is perfect for the health-conscious chocolate aficionado who prefers the pure taste of rich chocolate to sickly sweet (and sugar laden!) alternatives.

And the best bit? Even though we have some deliciously unique flavours, they all have Hot Choccy’s signature look and taste! All the Choccy Powders start with a base of cacao powder and pure stevia and the flavour is from the Belgian Chocolate itself. The chocolate is a bright shade of its own colour but by the time we’ve mixed all the ingredients together it ends up a yummy shade of chocolatey brown. Which means that your 07 White is very different to what you’d expect from a traditional White chocolate.

And best of all, Hot Choccy is good for you!

Low in sugar compared to most chocolate powders
Dairy Free (02 Dark only)
No carbs
• Each serving is highly rich in antioxidants, magnesium and an abundance of nourishing ingredients

Hot Choccy is made with 100% raw organic cacao powder and sweetened with pure stevia extract so you can enjoy low calories and no carbs as well as a burst of antioxidants, magnesium and nourishing nutrients that are designed to make you feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

Hot Choccy also takes an earth-friendly approach to product packaging and prides itself on sourcing only the highest quality fairtrade ingredients.

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If you’re already dribbling at the idea of hugging a mug of Hot Choccy in your happy little hands, head on over to our Shop and pick up some for yourself!