As we grow, you save!

First things first, we at Hot Choccy HQ hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular and safe New Year celebration.

Last year was brilliant for us, we grew slowly and steadily with thanks to our loyal customers, and our ever growing family of stockists. As companies grow, stock orders get bigger and bigger. As we’ve grown we’ve needed to buy more Belgian chocolate than when we first started, more raw organic Fairtrade cacao powder, more pure organic Stevia extract, more jars…you get the idea.

As such, when companies (like us) order more from our suppliers the price per unit/gram/jar/etc. comes down, meaning the profit per sale goes up. Pretty cool for us right? A lot of companies would pocket that extra profit for themselves, but we at Hot Choccy want to pass those savings on to you, the customers who have been with us for our first year (and a bit).

So from now on our 150g jars will come down from $14.95 to $12.95, and if you buy all seven flavours, the price will be reduced from $89.95 to $77.95. How cool is that!

If you fancy stocking the cupboard with some fresh ‘Choccy Powder’ now, click HERE. If not, that’s cool, because our prices are not changing so hopefully we’ll see you soon when you need some more.

Have a great year, and fingers crossed our 2014 and your 2014 is even better than 2013 was.