Why Stevia is so awesome!

One of the key ingredients in our Hot Choccy range is Stevia (the white stuff in the picture above), a natural sweetener that helps keep the sugar content of our products as low as possible.

Stevia is new to Australia, and while many people I speak to at markets we attend have heard of it and love it, a lot of people haven’t. So I thought I’d write a short blog to give you a simple background on this awesome product.

1. Stevia is a herb originating from South America and has been used there as a sweetener for centuries.

2. Stevia has NO calories (which means no carbs) and NO glycemic impact, making it perfect for diabetics and those looking for a sugar alternative. It will not raise blood sugar levels at all, however if you’re in doubt, you should always ask your doctor (*please note, we also use pure Belgian chocolate in our Hot Choccy range which means there is a small quantity of sugar in our products).

3. It is 250-300 times stronger than sugar in its purest state, so we use very small amounts in our Hot Choccy products to get incredible results.

4. My wife uses it in her cooking, replacing large quantities of sugar in cakes and slices with tiny amounts of Stevia with fantastic results.

5. It’s even available to purchase as a plant at most nurseries, and if you nibble on the leaves, you can get an idea of the sweet power it holds within!

So there you have it, a short and sweet (pun intended) blog about Stevia and why it’s so awesome.

P.S - When purchasing Stevia from the supermarket, make sure you read the contents and nutritional information on the packaging. The Stevia we use in our Hot Choccy range is pure, while the Stevia available in supermarkets (at a far reduced cost) is generally not.